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Classic British Recipes

The British Isles, with the Republic of Ireland in Emerald
green, Northern Ireland in dark green, Scotland in Blue,
Wales in Red, Cornwall in Black and the Grey-green being
the regions of England. In gold are shown the major urban
conurbations. Going from North to South, these are:    
Manchester, Birmingham and London.
The British Isles are a collection of Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the North-western coast of Europe. The main islands being Ireland and Great Britain. The grouping is named after the Roman name for Britain, Britannia, itself derived from the name of my ancestors, the Celtic Brython (Britons).

Britain was formed from the political union of four nations: England (grey-green), Ireland (emerald and dark green), Scotland (blue) and Wales (red). With the independence of Eire (Southern Ireland) there are two political Entities, Southern Ireland or Eire and the United Kingdom (or more correctly, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man also come under Britain, but have a separate political status.

Britain has a long history from pre-history, through the Celtic period, Roman conquest, Anglo-Saxon invasion, Viking Invasion, Norman Conquest, political union to the modern day. As a result over 4000 years of cooking history are represented here. This page brings together all the British recipes presented on this site and are divided into British Recipes, Welsh Recipes, Scottish Recipes, Irish Recipe and Cornish Recipes. The recipes are linked below.

British Recipes
Below are links to all the British recipes that you can find on this blog. There is a huge mix here, all the way from traditional recipes to the latest fusion foods. Other recipes are of my own invention. A number of the recipes are for wild foods, as that is a particular interest of mine. But you will find all kinds of dishes below:

     Asparagus and Morel Bread Pudding
     Cobnut Pesto
     Fairy Ring Champignon Omelette
     Haw, Wild Blackberry and Wild Raspberry Oatmeal Crumble
     Hawthorn Soup
     Lamb Cobbler
     Rose Hip Soup

Below are links to recipes on this site that are uniquely and distinctly English either in origin or in nature. Many of these recipes are either historic in nature or come from a particular place or region.

     Fig Stew
     Ginger Cake
     Haw Sauce
     Soul Cakes

Welsh (Cymric) Recipes
Below are links to the various Welsh (Cymric) recipes found on this site. This is my own background and tradition and most of the recipes were sourced from the original Welsh before being translated for this site. Others show some of the best of modern Welsh cookery.

     Brithyll Abermeurig (Abermeurig Trout)
     Dulse Welsh Rarebit
     Ffiledi Cegddu wedi eu Llenwi (Stuffed Fillets of Hake)
     Llŷn Peninsula Chicken (Cyw Iâr Pen Llŷn)
     Oak Leaf Mead
     Roast Monkfish and Laverbread Sauce
     Rholiau Lleden gyda Saws Madarch Hufennog (Flatfish Rolls with Creamy Mushroom Sauce)
     Chocolate Gooseberry Pudding (Pwdin Eirin Mair Siocled)

Scottish Recipes

     Scotch Broth with Pepper Dulse
     Custard Raspberry Fool recipe
     Buttermilk Sodabread recipe
     Scottish Borders Tart Recipe

Irish Recipes


Cornish Recipes
     Fried Fish with Sea Lettuce Oatmeal Crust Recipe
     Cornish Crab Pasty Recipe
     Cornish Clotted Cream Fudge

The recipes given here are only a small selection of the British recipes I have collected and I'm turning these recipes into books. The first of these books, a collection of Classic Scottish Recipes has now been published.

Update! The Scottish recipe collection book has been published!

Over 500 other traditional Scottish recipes are found in my new eBook, Classic Scottish Recipes, which can be purchased via Amazon using the link on the left.

The book also contains information on Hogmanay (Scottish New Year) and Burns Night, including the full order of service for a Burns Supper. In addition there are cocktail recipes for Hogmanay and extra recipes for Hogmanay so that you can host a classic dinner or party.

The most comprehensive collection of Scottish recipes available anywhere!

UPDATE! The Cornish Recipes book has been published!
This recipe and over 250 other traditional Cornish recipes are found in my new eBook, Classic Cornish Recipes, which can be purchased via Amazon using the link on the left.

The book also contains information on both classic traditional and modern Cornish recipes. There is an entire chapter on Cornish Pasties (many kinds) that also compares the traditional Cornish pasty with other British pasties and pasties from around the globe. Wild Cornish foods and Cornish seafoods are showcased, along with some of the best of modern Cornish cookery.

The most comprehensive collection of Cornish recipes available anywhere!

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