Monday 12 November 2012

Fried Fish with Sea Lettuce Oatmeal Crust Recipe

I'm being nice today and providing a second recipe. This time it's a traditional recipe from Cornwall in England for a dish of fried fish that has an oatmeal and sea lettuce coating before frying.

Fried Fish with Sea Lettuce Oatmeal Crust Recipe

serves: 4

Sea lettuce is a seaweed (sea vegetable) that is very easy to identify and pick. But you can also buy it dried from healthfood stores.


4 fish fillets, pin bones removed
1 egg, beaten
4 tbsp dried sea lettuce, finely crumbled
100g pinhead oatmeal
plain flour for dusting
oil for frying (traditionally these were fried in lard)


Mix together the pinhead oatmeal and sea lettuce on a plate. Scatter plain flour on another plate

Heat the oil in a frying pan. Beat the egg in a bowl, dip the fish in the plain flour to coat. Shake off any excess then dip the fish first in the egg and then back in the oatmeal and sea lettuce mix to make a thick and even coating.

Add the floured fish to the hot oil and fry for about 6 minutes per side, or until the cassava flour coating is a rich golden brown and the fish is cooked through.

Serve hot.

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