Friday 23 November 2012

Scottish Borders Tart Recipe

I know, there has not been a post for a while now. But I've been busy working on my book of Scottish recipes.

As an example of the content, here is a recipe for a traditional fruit tart from the Scottish borders that is derived from the book:

Scottish Borders Tart Recipe


For the Tart:

60g (2 oz) butter
60g (2 oz) soft dark brown sugar
240g (8 oz) sweet shortcrust pastry
1 egg, beaten
150g (3 oz) mixed, dried, fruit
60g (2 oz) mixed candied peel, chopped
30g (1 oz) walnuts, chopped
30g (1 oz) glacé cherries, chopped

For the Topping:

120g (4 oz) icing sugar
1 tbsp water
1 tsp lemon juice


Combine the butter and sugar in a small pan. Heat gently until the butter has melted then stir until the sugar has dissolved and take off the heat. Set aside to cool.

Turn the pastry onto a floured work surface and roll out until large enough to cover the base and sides of a 16cm (7 in) round flan tin. Trim the pastry and set aside.

Mix together the fruit in a bowl, adding the walnuts and the chopped glacé cherries. Stir in the beaten egg then turn into the prepared flan tin. Transfer to an oven pre-heated to 180ºC (360ºF) and bake for about 25 minutes, or until the pastry is lightly golden brown. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool.

When the tart has cooled completely, mix together the icing sugar, water and lemon juice in a bowl. Spread this over the top of the tart and set aside to set before serving.

For all the British recipes on this blog, see the British Recipes collection page.

For more traditional Scottish recipes, see the Celtnet Scottish Recipes collection, with over 320 traditional Scottish recipes.

Update: the Scottish Recipes book is now available:

Over 500 other traditional Scottish recipes have been collected together and are now to be found in my new eBook: Classic Scottish Recipes, which can be purchased via Amazon using the link on the left.

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