Wednesday 20 March 2013

Pork Escalopes in Creamy Cider Sauce Recipe

Today's recipe is for a classic dish of pork. This time pork escalopes in a cream and cider sauce.

Quick, to make, this recipe still produces an attractive and filling dish. Excellent if you want great meal results in a hurry!

Pork Escalopes in Creamy Cider Sauce

Serves: 4
Pork escalopes served in a cider and cream sauce with apple rings.


50g (2 oz) unsalted butter
1 tbsp oil
4 pork escalopes (about 150g [1/3 lb] each)
1 large shallot, finely chopped
125ml (1/2 cup) pork stock
250ml (1 cup) dry cider
1 tbsp fresh thyme, chopped
125g (1/2 cup) crème fraîche
1 tsp cornflour (cornstarch)
3 small Cox's apples, cored (or any small, tart, apples)


Combine half the butter in a large pan with the oil. Heat until the butter has melted then add the pork and fry until browned on both sides. Remove from the pan and set aside to keep warm.

Add the shallot and fry gently for about 4 minutes, or until soft. Return the meat to the pan, add the stock, cider and thyme then bring to a simmer and cook, uncovered, for 10 minutes.

Remove the pork with tongs and set aside. Stir the crème fraîche into the pan juices and season to taste. Mix the cornflour with a little cold water to a smooth slurry then stir this into the pan. Bring back to a simmer and cook for 2 minutes, or until the sauce thickens.

Return the pork (any any juices) to the pan and re-heat.

Slice the apples into rounds. Melt the remaining butter in a pan, and use to cook the apple rounds for a few minutes per side, or until soft but still holding their shape.

Sit the pork on warmed serving plates, garnish with the apple slices, spoon over the cider sauce and serve.

For more pork and pork-based recipes, why not visit the Celtnet pork information and recipes page?

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