Thursday 28 February 2013

Pwdin Eryri (Snowdonia Pudding) Recipe

You cannot have a complete meal without a pudding or a dessert of some kind. As a result, I am providing the recipe for a classic Welsh steamed pudding Pwdin Eryri (Snowdonia Pudding) as part of the day's task to provide recipes for each and every course of a traditional St David's day meal.

So, here is a classic steamed suet pudding flavoured with orange marmalade and topped with currants.

Pwdin Eryri (Snowdonia Pudding) Recipe

Serves: 6–8

You can't have a list of St David's day recipes without providing the recipe for at least one classic dessert. So, here we have a recipe for a classic steamed suet pudding with raisins and marmalade that is a true Welsh classic.
Classic Welsh snowdonia pudding (pwdin eryri) for St David's Day


120g (4 oz) suet
60g (2 oz) pitted raisins
3 eggs
90g (3 oz) marmalade
30g (1 oz) cornflour [cornstarch] (or rice flour)
zest of one lemon
85g (3 oz) demerara sugar
120g (4 oz) fine breadcrumbs
large pinch of salt
butter to grease the basin.


First of all mix the dry ingredients (suet, salt, breadcrumbs and cornflour) together, then add the grated lemon zest and the sugar. Grease the base and sides of a 750ml (3 cups) pudding basin with the butter and stud half the raisins into this. Tale the remaining raisins and add the eggs, beating them together well. Add this to the mixed dry ingredients and fold-in well. Pour this batter into the prepared pudding basin, secure a lid over the top and cover with foil. If you do not nave a lid, butter a sheet of greaseproof (waxed) paper, form a pleat in the centre, place over the bowl then cover with a double layer of kitchen foil and tie securely in place.

Place the bowl on a trivet or upturned plate in a large saucepan, add boiling water to about half-way up the bowl, add a lid on the saucepan and boil for about two hours (make sure it does not boil dry).

Serve either with vanilla custard or with Madeira Sauce.

This recipe is adapted, with permission, from the Celtnet Welsh Recipes page for Snowdonia Pudding (Pwdin Eryri).

For many more Welsh recipes, why not visit the Celtnet Welsh foods and recipes pages. If you would like other ideas for St David's day dishes, why not visit the Celtnet St David's day foods and recipes page.

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