Friday 8 February 2013

Pressure Cooker Coffee and Orange Upside-down Pudding Recipe

Though I have put up a number of pressure cooker recipes, I have not yet added a recipe for a dessert. Any dessert or pudding that can be steamed or cooked in a bain-marie (double boiler) can be adapted to be prepared in a pressure cooker (the same is true for savory dishes like pâtés and terrines as well.

Here is a classic upside down cake that's adapted to be prepared in a pressure cooker.

Pressure Cooker Coffee and Orange Upside-down Pudding

Serves: 6–8


1 orange, sliced thinly (remove any pips)
2 tsp orange marmalade
125g (4 1/2 oz) self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
125g (4 1/2 oz) caster sugar
2 eggs
2 tbsp strong espresso coffee (or coffee essence)


Arrange the orange slices in the base of a lined and greased 20cm (8 in) diameter springform cake tin. Carefully spread the marmalade in between the orange slices.

Sift together the flour and baking powder into a bowl. Add all the remaining ingredients and beat with a wooden spoon (or an electric whisk) for 1 minute, or until smooth. Spoon the batter into the cake tin (take care not to move the orange slices) then use a spatula to smooth the top.

Cover with a double sheet of greased kitchen foil (form a pleat in the top to allow for expansion during cooking). Set a trivet in the base of your pressure cooker and pour in 600ml (2 1/2 cups) water. Sit the pudding on top of the trivet.

Seal the lid on your pressure cooker, but do not add the weights. Bring to a boil and cook for 20 minutes then add the pressure weight and heat to low pressure. Cook for 15 minutes then take off the heat and set aside to cool naturally to reduce the pressure.

When the pressure has reduced, open the lid and take out the pudding. Allow to cool for 10 minutes in the tin then open the springform ring and invert the pudding onto a serving plate.

Serve immediately, accompanied by cream or custard.

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