Wednesday 17 October 2012

Wild Food Recipes

Put succinctly, a wild food is any edible plant or part thereof that can be sourced from the wild. This includes wild and native plants as well as plants that have been introduced in antiquity and plants that have more recently been released or have escaped into the wild.

I will be extending this page over the next few weeks, but for now it's a place where all the wild food recipes added to this blog can be brought together in a single place.

If you are interested in wild foods, then the Celtnet Wild Food Guide has descriptions of 185 wild edible plants, each supplied with recipes showing how they can be prepared.

You can also see the Celtnet Edible Mushroom Guide where edible mushrooms are described and the Celtnet Edible Seaweed (Sea Vegetable) Guide where edible seaweeds are described.

Lamb with Wild Plums Recipe
Mashed Potatoes with Dried Dulse
British Truffles
Canadian Cloudberry Cobbler
Common Mallow Cheese
Haws (Hawthorn Berries)
Linden Leaf Pap (Porridge)
Making Use of Wild Foods
Rose Hip Leather
Rose Hips
Rowan and Apple Jelly
Rowan Berries
Rugosa rose hips
Sea Buckthorn
Sea Spaghetti
Shaggy Ink Caps
Sorb Jelly
Spring wild mushroom recipes
Sweet Chestnuts
Wild Berries (French Toast)
Wild Greens Gratin
Wilding Apples
Mixed Wild Sorrel Soup

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