Thursday 18 October 2012

Free Halloween Recipes eBook and Free Cook's Unit Converter

Free Halloween Recipes eBook

This afternoon I have a very quick post for you... and, even better for you I am offering freebies.

I've persuaded my friend over at Celtnet Recipes to make available some of this Halloween Recipes for free as an eBook that anyone can freely download. No sign-ups, no logging in, nothing. Yes, 45 completely free recipes that you can download and use.
This is a proper eBook in PDF format, professionally designed and produced. What's even better is that you are free to add this eBook to any campaigns you may have or you can use it as a give-away on your own Blog or website and freebies are great for traffic, right?

So why is this being done. Well, it's being done as part of the Free Celtnet Recipes campaign to secure the future of Celtnet recipes for years to come so that the site can continue to publish and make available free for everyone ancient and historic recipe books in Facsimile format.

But, for you all it means is that you can go to the Celtnet Recipes Download site and there you can grab your completely free copy of the eBook shown on the left. 45 completely free recipes, no strings and you can use them for your own campaigns. Am I good to you, or what.

So, why not go over to Celtnet Recipes right now and grab your free Halloween Recipes eBook.

Free Cook's Unit Converter
If you have been visiting this site for a while, then you will have seen the unit converter on the top left of each page in this blog. It was produced by my friend over at Celtnet Recipes and I have persuaded him to make it available to everyone.

It's quite comprehensive and only a single line of code to implement. And you can add it to any blog or website. If you have been ignoring it all along, here it is for you to see clearly:

Unit Converter

It's designed to fit unobtrusively in the margin of your web page or your blog. You can even put it in the main body of your site and flow the site's content around it. It's completely free to install and you can get the code and instructions on how to install over at: Celtnet Recipes Download.

This is a small bit of code that will really help people on your site, after all not everyone around the world uses the same units for cooking, so why not make it easier for them by putting an unit converter on your pages.

It's free, it's maintained on the Celtnet Site so it can be automatically updated with new conversions. For you it's a win-win, so why not pop ver to Celtnet Recipes Download and grab your copy of this handy little conversion tool today.

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