Tuesday 21 August 2012

Help the Celtnet Recipes Site

The Celtnet Recipes Site needs your help.

Welcome to Celtnet Recipes,
the home of on-line food and Recipes.
19 300 recipes, 10 free historic cookery books 180 wild foods

Help keep this site free and make it Ad-Free.

Celtnet Needs Your Help

Please help support this site to keep it on the web! I have been personally funding this site for 8 years now, but it has grown too large for its current hosting. I need to move hosting and I need to re-write the codebase. This is a lot of work and I need to raise money... You can donate via PayPal using the button, left, or you can buy one of the site's Kindle eBooks.
Just think, a typical recipe book is $9.99 and you get 500 recipes. This site gives you the equivalent of almost 40 recipe books... and more. If you want to help, then you can learn more about this campaign's aims on the Free Celtnet Recipes page.

The Celtnet Recipes site is a large food website with over 19 000 recipes and information on spices, herbs, wild food, edible flowers and much more. There you can find recipes recipes from every country on earth as well as many historic recipes.

The site also puts historic recipes on the web for free and much of its content is linked in Wikipedia. It is a large recipe and food resource. However, it has been supported solely by its creator for 8 years and now it wants to expand and needs to move hosting, codebase and provider.

This needs money and the site is asking for your help in supporting it and its expansion.

You can contribute via paypal or by buying one of the site's Kindle eBooks (all sold through Amazon). You can donate here, or you can learn more at the Free Celtnet Recipes web page.

Any donator who wishes it will have their name published on the support page and if your donation is $20 or more you get a free eBook.

If enough donate then the future of the website will be secured (it has been taken down several times of late through hacking attempts) and it will be made ad-free. But the content will still be free for everyone...

You will be securing the future of a very special recipe resource on the web.

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Mamun said...

i like your blog and recipes as they proved very beneficial to me and i decided to comment once again on your blog .


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