Monday 17 November 2008

New Project - The Cook's Alphabet

Following-on from my earlier quest to deliver a new wild food every week (and as Winter is closing in I'm now onto another project for this blog. This time it's an attempt to go through an entire alphabet of food. Every other day I hope to make a new blog entry with recipe and chef-related information related to each and every letter of the English alphabet. This evening's post is the first of these, starting with the letter 'A'.

Cook's Alphabet 'A'

The letter 'A' is, of course the first letter in the alphabet, and today's recipe is for both a wild food beginning with the letter 'A' and a recipe beginning with the same letter:

Acorn Tortillas

210g rice flour or any whole-grain flour
120g acorn flour
50g arrowroot
1/2 tsp salt, or to taste
3 tbsp corn oil
120ml lukewarm water or as needed

Mix all the dry ingredients together then stir-in the corn oil before adding just enough water to make a soft dough that you can press into a very thin sheet between your fingers. If the dough is too sticky to work, add more flour.

Divide the dough into 6 equal-sized balls then using a rolling pin roll the balls into flat, round disks about 2mm thick.

Place a large non-stick pan on high heat and use this to cook each disk on both sides until flecked with brown (less than 1 minute altogether). Don't overcook or the tortillas will get hard.

This recipe reproduced, with permission, from the Celtenet Acorn Tortillas recipe page.

Today's cookery term is: Abats, which is the French term for offal, which in America are sometimes known as 'speciality meats'. These being the internal organs of animals.

For more information on cookery-associated terms and information beginning with the letter 'A' here are various links that may well be of interest:

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