Wednesday 19 November 2008

Cook's Alphabet 'C'

Cook's Alphabet 'C'

This is the third in my series of 28 postings going through the entire alphabet, as it relates to cooks and cooking. As you can see, today I'm dealing with the letter 'C'.

The letter 'C' is, of course the third letter in the alphabet, and today's recipe is for a classic fish dish beginning with this letter:

Caribbean Fish

160ml orange juice
3 tbsp diced pimento
2 tbsp pitted black olives, sliced
2 tsp lemon pepper seasoning
salt, to taste
2 tsp cornflour
2 tsp Horseradish Sauce
675g firm white fish fillets (snapper, grouper, orange roughy would be typical)
1 tbsp butter
300g sliced bell pepper (mix of red, yellow and green)
150g red onion, sliced
160g shredded cabbage

Whisk together the orange juice, pimento, black olives, lemon pepper, salt, cornflour and horseradish in a bowl. Trim the fish and cut into 4 portions. Place in an oven-proof dish and pour the marinade over the top. Turn the fish to coat then cover and place in the refrigerator for at least 40 minutes.

At the end of this time, cover the dish tightly with foil the place in an oven pre-heated to 180°C and bake for about 20 minutes, or until the fish flakes easily with a fork.

Meanwhile melt the butter in a large frying pan and when hot add the peppers, onion and cabbage. Fry for 2 minutes then reduce the heat, cover and cook for about 7 minutes or until just tender.

Transfer the vegetable mix to a serving dish then lay the fish on top and spoon some of the orange sauce over everything. Typically this would be served accompanied by buttered yucca (sweet potato).

(This recipe reproduced, with permission, from the Celtnet Caribbean Fish recipe page.)

Today'ss cooking process is chiffonade: Chiffonades are thin strips of green vegetables and herbs (typically sorrel and lettuce) hat are either lightly sautéed or used raw as a garnish or topping for soups. In all cases the aim is to cut the vegetable as thinly as possible so you end up with delicate, frilly ribbons.

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