Sunday 9 February 2014

Valentine's No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake Recipe

For today's blog post I have another great Valentine's day treat... This time a fantastically gooey no-bake cheesecake that is easy to make, but which is still guaranteed to delight your significant other (and which slips down a treat with a glass of champagne).

Valentine's No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake

Serves: 8
Valentine's No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake: Classic but simple to make cheesecake flavoured with cherries for Valentine's day.


For the Base:

150g (1 1/2 cups) chocolate graham cracker crumbs
50g (1/4 cup, packed) brown sugar
65g (1/3 cup) butter, melted

For the Filling:

225g (8 oz) cream cheese
400g (14 oz) tin of sweetened condensed milk
250ml (1 cup) whipping cream
3 tbsp whole fruit cherry jam (or cherry pie filling)


In a bowl, mix together the biscuit (cookie) crumbs and the brown sugar until thoroughly combined. Stir in the melted butter then press the mixture into the base and sides of a pie dish (if preparing for Valentine's, you could use a heart-shaped silicone mould).

Transfer to an oven pre-heated to 180ºC (375ºF) and bake for about 9 minutes, or until lightly crisp and golden. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool completely.

Turn the cream cheese into a bowl, soften, then beat with an electric mixer until fluffy. Add the condensed milk a little at a time and continue beating until thoroughly blended.

Add the whipping cream to a separate bowl and beat until stiff. Now fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture.

If using cherry jam, heat gently until molten then fold into the cream cheese mixture, so that you get the Valentine's pink colour. Spread the resultant mixture evenly over the prepared crust, then transfer to the refrigerator. Chill for at least 3 hours before serving.

Before bringing to the table, garnish as desired. You could use any of the following: chocolate shavings, cherries, whipped cream, raspberries and/or strawberries.

For a history of Valentine's day, and a collection of Valentine-themed recipes, why not visit the Celtnet Valentine's day recipes page? You can also find hundreds more cheesecake recipes of all kinds on the Celtnet cheesecake recipes page.

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