Sunday 3 November 2013

Paneer Peda Recipe

As it's Diwali tomorrow, I have an extra Diwali-inspired recipe for you today. This is a classic cake or cookie made from a blend of paneer cheese, milk powder and powdered sugar flavoured with ground cardamom.

These are cooked until they form a dough and the dough is shaped into cookies. They make a great treat, particularly if accompanied by a cup of chai.

Paneer Peda Recipe

Serves: 6–8
Paneer Peda Recipe: A classic Diwali treat of paneer cheese, milk and powdered sugar shaped into cakes and allowed to dry before serving


100g paneer cheese (Indian cottage cheese), grated
60g milk powder
100g powdered sugar
2 tsp ghee (clarified butter)
1/2 tsp green cardamom powder


Heat a kadai (or wok) then add the ghee. When warmed and free-flowing mix in the grated paneer, milk powder, ground cardamom and sugar. Stir well to combine then increase the heat very slightly and continue cooking, again stirring constantly, until the mixture starts to split and separate.

Take off the heat and stir vigorously until the mixture cools until it can be handled. Form the ingredients into a dough then shape into balls and press into patties.

Take a little of the left-over paneer peda dough and shape into crescent moon (or cashew nut) shapes. Sit these on top of the peda to garnish.

Set aside to dry and harden slightly then store or serve.

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I like Paneer products. Thanks for sharing this post,this will help me in future.

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