Sunday, 6 November 2011

Kindle eBook to Support the Celtnet Site

Ok, so today I am making a massive plug. Having dipped my toe into the publishing world (after having been out of the business for over 12 years now), I have my first kindle eBook for sale on Amazon:


This is a proper book, published as a kindle eBook. Indeed, there are over 500 recipes in the book, all available for less than $3.50. The eBook covers everything you need for a classic traditional Christmas, from the roast, the accompaniments, cakes, desserts, drinks and even recipes for the left-overs.

All proceeds go into helping keep this website and the main Celtnet Recipes site going so that I can keep making recipes and ancient cookery books freely available on the web.

The eBook will give you all the recipes you need for a classic Christmas and will help me keep working to make ancient and classic recipe texts freely available on the web, as well as providing thousands of recipes freely available to everyone.

Why not check the eBook out and help this blog and the Celtnet Recipes site keep running.
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